CNS Coach Symposium

Cheer Nova Scotia is THRILLED to be hosting our first ever Coach Symposium!

When: December 9, 2023 

Where:  Best Western Glengarry Hotel, Truro, Nova Scotia

What is the cost? $60 per coach (every 5th coach from your program is free!) for CNS members, and $70 for non-CNS Members (every 5th coach is still free!) 

How can I register?  Go here!

Sessions include: 

We also have: 

Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

We will also be hosting a FREE in-person Making Ethical Decisions (MED) course on Friday, December 8th at the venue.  You DO NOT need to be registered for the Coach Symposium to attend. This course is required for EVERY coach (prospective and/or current).  The online home-study can take weeks to months to complete. Attending this in-person session being hosted for CNS coaches, will allow for instant credit upon completion of the course. Even if you are interested in becoming a credentialed coach in the future, this is highly recommended to take advantage of NOW!