Safe Sport


Cheer Nova Scotia is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for all athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers’ physical, emotional and social development by promoting an environment free from abuse and misconduct. Everyone has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive environment that is free from abuse, harassment or discrimination.


A key component of a safe environment is the existence of an independent dispute resolution mechanism where complaints, allegations, and breaches of Cheer Canada conduct policies can be received and heard.

Cheer Canada has engaged the services of an Independent Safe Sport Officer who will work with you through the complaints process. We understand how important it is to have options when it comes to reporting issues in a safe and secure way.

You may contact Brian Ward directly at:

Reports can be submitted by completing the following form:


A reporting person who files a Cheer Canada Code of Conduct Violation form must do so with no malice and/or information known to be false, fabricated or retaliatory in nature. Reporters must have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed does indeed indicate a violation. Knowingly submitting a false or malicious report will be viewed as a major infraction.

There will be no retaliation of good faith reports that turn out to be unsubstantiated. No reporting person shall suffer retaliation or harassment as a result of their report.

Canadian Sport Helpline: Available to provide you with advice, guidance, and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.



Phone/Text Message: 1-888-837-7678

For all current information on Concussion Awareness in Nova Scotia, please visit the website below.