Coach Credentialing

CNS offers coaches credentialing 3 times per year:

  • November
  • February
  • July

It is the gym owners responsibility to ensure their coaches are credentialed.

Please read the CNS Coach Credentialing Package - updated July 2019- which includes Information and Registration documentation.

The written portion of the credentialing test is available to take online, here:

Note: Your first submission will be the one that is accepted and used for your evaluation. The tool allows you to review your submissions and go back and change any answers; however, after you submit your answers, any subsequent submissions are accepted by the software but will be discounted by CNS.

This tool allows you to complete all tests for all levels; however, you can only be credentialed for levels 1 and 2 without a Practical Experience Form (PEF). Please have your gym owner sign a PEF for levels 3 and higher, and follow the process to ensure you have sufficient hours at the lower levels.

If you have issues with the software, you can still use the paper-based forms available from CNS for credentialing.

2019 INFO and REGISTRATION package - Coaches credentialing (July 2019).pdf
IASF_Cheer_Rules_Glossary_17-19 copy.pdf
Building Skills Levels 1-4 Study Guide.pdf
Tumbling Levels 1-4 Study Guide.pdf
Written Test Cheer NS Credentialing.pdf